Basement Design: Adding a Decorative Concrete Finish

Decorative Concrete of Austin – Concrete Floors

From the South, you don’t discover a lot of homes with basements. However, we have been considering purchasing a property which has this extra space. It really is unfinished, but we’re still excited about the possibility it has. I have a variety of design ideas for the space.

The flooring is concrete. As opposed to try and alter that, I’d like to add a decorative concrete finish, in order that it looks like marble. My sister actually had this done in her house, and i also love the look. It supports well to the kid and dog traffic, too, which can be important to me.

concrete flooring contractor Austin

Beyond that, the basement is currently one large space, and we end up needing to divide it up a lttle bit. I want a craft room, the youngsters want a playroom, and my better half wants a theater room. We now have enough space to generate this all work, although I am not sure about the budget! I’d like to have one open area, where people can sit and mingle after they come over.

All this continues to be in the dream phase, since we have not purchased the house. However, it is looking more and more possible each day.

Basement Design: Adding a Decorative Concrete Finish

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